• Preferred Australian Supplier

    Cornell Pumps

    Industry leader in high head and high flow pumps. Featuring patented and unique design for extended life and superior quality.

  • Consultation, Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions

    Bespoke Pump Packages

    Engineered Manufacturing Solutions – Standard and custom designed dewatering packages to suit each clients specific application.

  • Servicing Many Industries Australia Wide

    Industry Specific Pumps

    Water, solids, food, waste, Cornell have an extensive range of pumps covering a number of different industries including however not limited to Mining, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, municipal and more.

Cornell Pumps

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Cornell Pumps
Source Pumps Maintenance & Support

Maintenance and Support

To ensure long-term reliability, Source Pumps provides comprehensive maintenance services, including routine inspections, repairs, and system upgrades. This proactive approach minimises downtime and maximises the lifespan of pumping systems.
Source Pumps Consultation & Engineering

Consultation and Engineering

Beyond equipment design and manufacturing, Source Pumps offers consultation and engineering services to assist clients in project planning and system design. Their experts collaborate with clients to create customised solutions that optimise efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Source Pumps Environmental Solutions

Environmental Solutions

With a strong commitment to sustainability, Source Pumps provides eco-friendly dewatering solutions that adhere to environmental regulations. Their services focus on reducing environmental impact and preserving natural resources.
Source Pumps Spares & Parts

Critical Spares and Parts

Our dedication to quality assurance and prompt delivery makes Source Pumps a trusted partner for businesses seeking to minimise downtime and maximise operational efficiency. Whether it’s replacement machinal seals, impellers, wear rings or bearings Source Pumps is known for its commitment to keeping industries running smoothly.
Source Pumps Pumping Systems

Pumping Systems

Source Pumps designs, installs, and maintains various pumping systems tailored to specific requirements. These systems encompass centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, and axial flow pumps, among others. Their expertise extends to both surface and submersible pump applications.

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